Fitness Hula Hoops (6)

Looking to inject a bit of fun into your workout? Well, before you hire a clown as a personal trainer, try giving one of our weighted hula hoops a go. They’re an excellent way to strengthen your core, slim your waistline, and sculpt your stomach muscles.

With a weight of 1kg, they’re heavier than a child’s hoop which makes them easier to spin. That means you can spin them for longer and give yourself a serious cardio workout. We stock two types of weighted hoop which are size adjustable from 75cm to 98cm and are foam padded for extra grip and comfort.

Our wavy hoop has bumps on the inside which help to stimulate and tone your muscles. If you’re new to hooping, you may find the bumps cause a little bit of bruising, but this should soon subside as your muscles become accustomed to them. That’s why we recommend our smooth hoop for beginners. Because its smooth on the inside, it’s more comfortable to use and perfect for strengthening your stomach muscles.

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