Be Balanced Collection

  1. Teal Core Balance Yoga Mat
    Yoga Mat 6mm Thick
    SAVE 40% RRP £19.99
    In stock
  2. Core Balance teal TPE yoga mat.
    TPE Yoga Mat
    SAVE 63% RRP £39.99
    In stock
  3. Teal Core Balance TPE Yoga Alignment Mat
    TPE Yoga Alignment Mat
    SAVE 43% RRP £34.99
    In stock
  4. Teal Core Balance Rubber Exercise Mat Pro
    Rubber Exercise Mat Pro
    SAVE 10% RRP £38.99
    In stock
  5. Teal Core Balance Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat
    Rubber Alignment Yoga Mat
    SAVE 37% RRP £59.99
    In stock
  6. Core Balance Gym Ball
    Gym Ball
    SAVE 40% RRP £20.00
    In stock

As part of our quest towards a greener future, we’ve launched a brand new collection of environmentally friendly fitness products. All the products in our Be Balanced Collection are completely carbon neutral, with minimal plastic packaging. And we don’t plan on stopping there. No. We have plans to add all our products to the range. Keep an eye out!

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