Looking to be the best yogi you can be? Correct alignment is the best place to start. As well as providing exceptional grip and balance, our Yoga Alignment Mats have laser-etched Asana Alignment Lines which can be used as a visual guide to align your hands, feet, and body correctly when practising a pose. Like a yoga teacher, they're perfect for teaching you the form and technique needed to master any pose.

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Big on Benefits

If your body is misaligned when you're practising a pose, it can put pressure on your weaker side and reduce your strength and balance. As well as increasing your risk of injury, this can make it harder to flow into and hold a yoga pose. For that reason, our Yoga Alignment Mats can enhance your yoga practise.

Using our Asana Alignment System:

  • Helps you to align yourself correctly for greater strength and balance.
  • Prevents injury by reducing the strain on your spine, joints, and muscles.
  • Acts as a visual reference to easily correct your posture when practising a pose.
  • Improves your technique, making it easier to master other yoga poses.
  • Can be used by yoga instructors to assist students with correct alignment.

More Reasons to Love our Mats

If your yoga mat is too thick and spongy, you'll be as wobbly as a panna cotta when practising a pose. After all, you need a firm connection with the floor to maintain your stability and balance. Thankfully, our Yoga Alignment Mats are a perfect thickness. As well as being nice and firm to easily hold a pose, they provide enough cushioning to protect your bones and joints. Plus, they come with a roll strap to easily carry to classes.

TPE Alignment Mat

Made from two layers of TPE foam, our TPE Yoga Alignment Mat has the dual-benefit of being comfortable to use but firm enough to maintain your balance. What's more, because TPE is a closed-cell foam, it doesn't absorb moisture. As a result, it's easy to wipe clean if it gets grubby.

  • Size: L183cm x W65cm x 0.6cm (approx.)
  • Eco-friendlier than PVC and NBR foam mats
  • Laser-etched Asana Alignment System
  • Non-slip textured surface on top and bottom
  • Prevents mat sliding on smooth, hard flooring
  • Provides sensational grip and stability during practise
  • Wider than a standard mat to practise wide-stance poses
  • Lightweight (0.65kg) with Velcro carry strap
  • Rolled size: 65cm x 13cm x 13cm (approx.)
TPE Alignment Mat

Rubber Alignment Mat

If you're ready to take your yoga practise to the next level, look no further than our Rubber Yoga Alignment Mat. Because it's made from natural rubber, it's more environmentally friendly than our TPE mat. In addition, its PU coating has been designed using our exclusive CoreGrip™ technology to provide unparalleled grip and easily hold a pose.

  • Size: L183cm x W68cm x 0.4cm (approx.)
  • Natural rubber – more environmentally friendly!
  • CoreGrip™ technology for unparalleled grip
  • Laser-etched Asana Alignment System
  • Retains grip even when hands are sweaty
  • Prevents mat sliding on smooth, hard flooring
  • Provides unparalleled grip and stability during yoga
  • Wider than a standard mat to practise wide stance poses
  • Lightweight (2.7kg) with Velcro carry strap
  • Rolled size: 68cm x 11cm x 11cm (approx.)
Rubber Alignment Mat