When you think of fitness equipment, a wobble cushion is probably the last thing that crosses your mind. I mean, it’s a wobbly cushion; how could it possibly help you lose weight and build your muscles?

Well, the truth is, it won’t. At least not directly.

What it will do is help you develop your core strength and stability, both of which are vitally important when it comes to keeping fit. Seriously, if you want the body of a Nordic god and a stomach as flat as a sheet of paper, you need to develop your core strength and stability first.

Want to know more? Core Balance gives you the lowdown.

What is a wobble cushion?

A wobble cushion is a disc-shaped inflatable cushion which is bobbly on one side and smooth on the other. It’s made from anti-burst PVC which makes it strong enough to support your weight when you sit or stand on it.

That isn’t to say it supports your weight completely. Because it’s inflatable, it wobbles, a bit like a cushion-shaped jelly. This makes it unstable to sit or stand on which challenges your core muscles as they try to keep you balanced.

So, how can I use a wobble cushion?

Before we explain the basics of how to use a wobble cushion, it’s important to discuss the distinction between core strength and stability.

Core stability is your ability to maintain your balance in a stationary position, such as standing still. By developing your core stability, you can improve your body alignment and posture, which puts less pressure on your spine. Core strength is your ability to produce force through an action or movement, such as throwing a ball.

Both are naturally intertwined.

You need core stability to keep your body stable and support the movement of your arms and legs, and you need core strength to ensure the movement of your arms and legs produces sufficient power.

Together, core strength and stability help you to perform exercises with the balance and technique needed to deliver the best results. Without them, your body will be off-balance, and your target muscles will rely on help from other muscles to operate effectively.

For example, if you’re lifting dumbbells and you’re leaning unnaturally to one side, that side will bear a heavier load than the other side. Your biceps won’t be able to support the load, or lift it with sufficient force and power, so other muscles will step in to give them a helping hand. As a result, your biceps won’t be targeted properly, and it’ll take you longer to build your muscles.

You can use a wobble cushion to develop core stability by sitting or standing on it and trying to remain as still as possible. If that doesn’t sound particularly challenging, try doing a plank on it without losing your balance.

Trust us, it’s a lot harder than it sounds!

To develop your core strength, you need to add instability to movements, and exercises are a brilliant way to do this. There are lots of exercises you can do with a wobble cushion. For example, you could stand on it and challenge your core whilst doing squats, or you could lie on it and use it to add instability to crunches.

Check out our e-book for a list of other exercises you can do with a wobble cushion.

Does a wobble cushion really help you concentrate?

There’s far more to a wobble cushion than strengthening your core.

Strange as it may sound, a wobble cushion can improve your focus and concentration. It’s for this reason that they’re increasingly used in schools to help children who struggle to sit still or suffer from ADHD.

So, how does a wobble cushion aid concentration?

Well, if a child places it on a chair and uses it as a cushion, it will challenge them to focus on their posture. They’ll be more likely to sit up straight to prevent the cushion wobbling and this can stop them fidgeting and help them concentrate on their lessons.

Some wobble cushions, including the Core Balance Wobble Cushion, even have special acupressure bobbles on one side. Sitting on the acupressure bobbles provides tactile input to help children relax and further aid their concentration.

Of course, a wobble cushion doesn’t just work for kids. If you’re struggling to adjust to working from home, you can use it to improve your own focus and concentration.

Can a wobble cushion reduce the risk of injury?

Physiotherapists are crazy about core training equipment, including wobble cushions. This is because they put minimal strain on your joints and muscles whilst helping you to regain the core strength you need to recover from an injury.

Even if you aren’t recovering from an injury, a wobble cushion can strengthen your core and reduce the risk of an injury occurring. This is because the primary muscles you use when doing physical activities aren’t as reliant on other muscles to give them a helping hand. If you have a weak core and are reliant on other muscles for support, it can overwork them and increase the risk of injury.

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