With so many different fitness mats available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Foam, thickness, texture – there are just so many factors to consider.

Although all our mats are fantastic, they’re fantastic for different reasons. Some are better for yoga; some are better for Pilates; and some tick every box you could possibly imagine. That’s why the most important thing to consider before you buy a mat is how you intend to use it.

Once you’ve covered that base, choosing one is easy.

To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a breakdown of every mat in the Core Balance collection, including our TPE foam mat. Although it costs slightly more than our PVC and NBR mats, it provides the benefits of both rolled into one.

Best Mat For Yoga

Balance and stability are key when you’re practising yoga which is why we always recommend a thinner fitness mat. If a mat is too thick and spongy, it won’t provide the support you need when you’re trying to hold your balance and you’ll be wobbling like a blancmange whenever you practise a pose.

Our 6mm thick PVC foam mat is the best budget option for yoga.

It’s the thinnest mat in our collection to give you a greater connection with the floor and has a grippier, stickier surface to help you maintain your balance – perfect if you’re trying to master that tricky Dancer’s Pose.

The mat is available in a choice of colours or with a Mandala or Lotus Flower pattern. It also comes with an attachable strap to comfortably carry to classes.

Best Mat For Pilates

Pilates focuses on low-impact movements to strengthen your core, improve your flexibility and build your endurance. These movements help to align your body in a balanced way which is key to injury prevention and developing a healthy posture.

Unlike yoga, which predominantly focuses on standing exercises, Pilates is mainly practised whilst lying or kneeling, so there’s a greater emphasis on cushioning and comfort than balance and stability.

Our 12mm thick NBR foam mat as the best entry-level choice for Pilates.

It’s thicker and spongier than our PVC mat, but retains its shape well and doesn’t degrade easily over time. The level of cushioning it provides also makes it a top choice for recovery training because it puts far less strain on your joints and muscles.

Our Ultimate Fitness Mat

If you’re searching for a mat that delivers the best of both worlds, look no further than our premium TPE foam fitness mat. This little beauty is the crème de la crème of mats – as perfect for Pilates as it is for yoga practise.

So, what makes it such a versatile mat?

Firstly, TPE foam has a closed-cell structure which makes it less spongy than NBR foam and provides the stability you need for yoga. Its closed-cell structure also prevents it absorbing moisture, so it doesn’t smell like a pair of old gym socks after a sweaty workout. This helps to keep it germ-free and makes it more hygienic to use.

Secondly, it has a double-layered design with a separate layer of TPE foam on each side. This makes it more shock-resistant than PVC foam to reduce the impact on your joints and provide the cushioning you need for Pilates and recovery training.

Our TPE foam mat is also wider than our other mats to give you greater freedom of movement when you’re exercising. What’s more, it’s free from harmful chemicals and uses up less energy during the manufacturing process, making it the eco-friendliest type of foam used for fitness mats.

As with all our mats, it comes in a range of colours and includes a free carry strap.

Best Home Gym Mats

Whereas yoga and Pilates mats can be easily rolled up and carried to classes, gym mats are designed for using as a more permanent fixture in areas dedicated to strength and endurance training.

There are two types of gym mat in the Core Balance collection.

Both are made from high-density EVA foam which is shock-resistant to reduce fatigue if you’re doing circuit training. The foam also provides better protection to hard flooring if you’re working out with heavy equipment, such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

Our EVA roll mat is a similar shape to our Pilates and yoga mats but is longer and wider to give you more space when you’re working out. It’s a top choice if you don’t have a whole room you can dedicate to training.

If you want to turn an entire room into a home gym, our interlocking EVA mats are a better option. Each mat measures 60cm x 60cm and features interlocking edges which allows you to easily fit them together and fill a floor space of any size.