Yoga Balls (24)

Ease yourself into yoga poses while developing your balance and posture with our inflatable yoga balls. Because the balls are unstable to sit, lie, or lean on, they force you to focus on your balance and constantly engage your core. This is excellent training for the focus and concentration you need for all forms of yoga practise.

Our large yoga balls are great for adding instability to the downward dog and boat pose, as well as planks, crunches, and other exercises. You can also use them as a birthing ball to alleviate lower back pain during pregnancy or as a chair to improve your posture while sitting. Choose from a 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, or 85cm gym ball to suit your height.

Our soft Pilates balls have a diameter of 23cm and can be used partially or fully inflated to add instability to sitting or lying exercises. Their anti-slip surface also makes them perfect for squeezing between your hands, arms, or thighs to engage your muscles and improve your body alignment when you’re practising yoga or Pilates.

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