Pilates Ball

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Build your core strength and balance with this Small Pilates Ball from Core Balance. Designed with a diameter of 23cm, the small inflatable ball can be used partially or fully inflated to add instability to exercises and improve your posture during yoga and Pilates.

Extra-Thick & Anti-Burst Design

Our small Pilates ball is made from soft, anti-burst PVC which is abrasion-resistant for ultimate durability. If it gets punctured, it will slowly deflate rather than bursting.

Anti-Slip for a Confident Workout

An anti-slip surface helps to keep the ball in place when you’re working out. It also makes it extra grippy when pressure is applied to it, such as squeezing it between your legs.

Large 200kg Weight Capacity

Our Pilates ball may be small, but it’s mighty tough. It’s specially designed to support a maximum weight capacity of 200kg (a huge 39 stone) without bursting.

Inflation Tube for Easy Inflation

Simply insert the inflation tube into the inflation hole, then blow into the tube to inflate the ball. Once the ball is inflated, insert the stopper plug to prevent air escaping.

Compact to Carry Wherever You Go

Our Pilates ball also includes a spare stopper plug and a plug removal tool. The removable tool allows you to easily deflate the ball and take it on your travels.

Free from Phthalates & Harmful Compounds

Our Pilates ball is fully tested to ensure the lowest possible reading of toxic chemicals. It’s free from phthalates, carcinogens, and short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs).


  • Pilates ball (23cm)
  • Inflation tube
  • 2 x stopper plugs
  • Plug removal tool
  • Instructions
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Product Details

Enhance Core Strength

  • Pilates Ball has a diameter of 20-23cm when inflated (as per your requirements), plus it supports a maximum weight capacity of 200kg (31.5 stone)
  • Can be squeezed between your hands or thighs to improve your body alignment and engage your core when you’re practising yoga and Pilates
  • Great for instability to exercises to improve your core strength and dynamic balance, including crunches, standing lunges, and tabletop push-ups
  • Made from durable anti-burst PVC to prevent it bursting when punctured, and free from Phthalates, carcinogens, and other harmful toxins
  • Include an inflation straw for easy inflation and a stopper plug removal tool to easily deflate it, take it on your travels, and workout wherever you go

Product Features

Full Body Workout

Anti-Burst Material

Strong & Durable

Superior Grip

Lightweight & Portable

Key Information

A Pilates Essential

Take Pilates practise to the next level with our Small Pilates Ball. As well as using it to adopt the correct position when you're practising Pilates, it's great for adding instability to exercises and challenging your core.

Easy-Grip Surface

The ball is made from durable anti-burst PVC, so it will slowly deflate rather than burst if it gets punctured. As well as being soft and squishy for comfort, it has a mottled easy-grip surface for optimum control during exercises.

Inflation Tube

Inflating the ball is a breeze thanks to the inclusion of a handy inflation tube. Pop one end of the hole into the inflation hole, then blow into the tube to inflate it. Once inflated, simply insert the plug to stop air escaping.

200kg Weight Capacity

When fully inflated, the ball has a diameter of 20cm to 23cm (as per requirements). Despite its diminutive size, it's capable of supporting a massive 200kg load. Yep, that's right, a whopping 31.5 stone!

Product Dimensions

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