Massage Rollers (7)

Ever find yourself unable to move after a workout? Floored like a boxer and panting like a dog after a long day in the sun? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. After a workout, it’s common for our muscles to feel tired, achy, and painful which is why it’s important to show them a bit of TLC. Rolling your muscles with a massage roller is an easy and effective way to do so. By loosening them up when they feel tight, they help to relieve soreness and speed up your recovery time.

When choosing a roller, there are certain factors to consider. Whilst smooth rollers are more comfortable to use, grid rollers have bumps to dig deeper into your muscles and relieve the tightest of knots. Likewise, some rollers have a higher density to deliver a more intense massage. Also, there are different sizes to target different muscles. For example, our 90cm roller is ideal for rolling your back because it's longer and can be used perpendicular to your spine.

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