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Sustainability: Our Goals & Values

We’re big on balance. And that includes balancing out the impact we have on the world.

In May 2022, we set up a climate committee to look at all areas of business function and identify, prioritise, plan, and execute projects to improve our sustainability.

Be Balanced Collection

We love the earth as much as you do. So, in 2023, we’re introducing our Be Balanced collection. We’ve been working hard to ensure the collection is carbon neutral and has minimal plastic packaging. For a small company, this is no mean feat, but we’re passionate about introducing as many products as possible to the collection in the future.

Climate Partner

We’re delighted to be working with Climate Partner for our carbon offset initiative. With their support, we will be carbon neutral by 2050. This means replanting trees and supporting green energy projects to offset the carbon produced on the entire life cycle of our products.

So far, we have offset 293,785kg CO2.

What We've Achieved Already...

So far, we have offset
293,785 kg

*as of 14.12.2022

Renewable Energy

We have successfully moved to 100% renewable energy in all our UK offices and warehouses.

Electric Vehicles

We’ve provided our sales team with hybrid electric cars to reduce our carbon footprint when travelling to essential meetings.

Warehouse Upgrade

We’ve upgraded our warehouses with energy efficient LED lighting and replaced all diesel forklifts with electric forklifts.

Our Climate Plan

 These aren’t random goals – these are informed decisions based on what’s achievable for us as a business. As long as you continue to support our vision of a more balanced future, we can and will achieve our climate goals.

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