About Us

Who are Core Balance?

We are fitness enthusiasts who know how hard it is to stay in shape when you have a busy schedule. Exercising isn’t easy when you’re working long hours, bringing up young children and keeping your house in check. What you need is balance. What you need is Core Balance.

  • Affordable Quality:

    We believe that quality shouldn’t have to cost. Our business model allows us to produce quality home fitness equipment and sell it at the lowest price we can.

  • Performance:

    To achieve your fitness goals, you need the right equipment. All of our equipment is tried and tested to ensure it enhances your performance and delivers the best results.

  • Knowledge:

    Our aim is to make exercising easy. Detailed descriptions and blog content provide detailed information about our products, including how to use them and the benefits they deliver.

Affordable Equipment, Enhanced Performance

Core Balance was launched in 2016 by two gym buddies who found it increasingly difficult to balance their daily work out with their hectic home and work lives. By working out from home, they figured that they could easily fit their daily work out around their busy schedules. What they didn’t account for was the low quality and high cost of home fitness equipment available.

Core Balance was launched as a low cost, high quality alternative to the fitness products available on the UK market. Like us, more people are finding less time to get down the gym as their daily lives take over. By designing and producing affordable equipment that can be used from the comfort of your home, we hope to make staying fit and healthy accessible to all.

The Core Balance Ethos

We design all of our equipment ourselves, produce it in our own factory and deliver it direct to your door. By cutting out suppliers, we’re able to sell our products at a fraction of the price.

Everyone at Core Balance is a fitness fanatic. We love trying out the latest exercise equipment and researching how we can develop it to help you tone up and improve your fitness.

We’re motivated by knowing our equipment is helping you to achieve your fitness goals. It’s what drives us to expand our range every year and produce ever more innovative products.

The Core Balance Experience

Same Day Dispatch

The earlier you order a product, the earlier you’ll receive it. We guarantee that your order will be dispatched on the day of purchase if you order before 2pm.*

Express Delivery

We know that some people want to receive their order as soon as possible. To ensure your order is delivered sooner, we offer an Express Delivery service at the checkout.

Enhanced content

Whether you want to strengthen your muscles, shed some weight or improve your flexibility, our content makes it easy to pick the perfect piece of equipment.

Industry knowledge

We know our fitness products inside out and how to get the best results when you use them. Our regular blog posts are a way of sharing our expertise with you.

Customer service

Our customer service team are happy to answer any questions you have about our products. The team are available from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

*Please note that same day dispatch is subject to change during particularly busy times of the year, including the Christmas period and the peak of the summer season.

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