Gym Ball

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Build your core strength and balance with the Core Balance Anti-Burst Gym Ball. Because the inflatable ball is unstable to sit, lie or lean on, it constantly engages your core as your stabiliser muscles go into overdrive to help you maintain your balance.

Durable Anti-Burst Design

The inflatable gym ball is made from anti-burst PVC material for superior durability under pressure. Should it get punctured, it will slowly deflate rather than popping.

Anti-Slip For Greater Balance

Anti-slip lines around the perimeter of the ball provide superior grip. This stops it slipping and rolling under your weight, giving you greater confidence when you're working out.

Versatile Fitness Aid

Because you can sit, lie and lean on the ball, it's perfect for challenging your core whilst performing crunches and other exercises. You can also sit or lie on it when doing dumbbell exercises or use it as a prop to take yoga postures to a new level.

Get Fit Whilst You Sit

Even sitting on a gym ball engages your core which is why many people use gym balls as office chairs. If you wish to use your gym ball as a chair, we recommend buying a gym ball one size larger than you would for exercise. See our size guide below.

Includes Pump & Tape Measure

The gym ball includes a pump and a tape measure to easily inflate to the correct capacity. A spare stopper plug and a tool to remove the plug are also included.

Size Guide

Height: 4’8” to 5’3” Gym Ball: 55cm
Height: 5’4” to 5’10” Gym Ball: 65cm
Height: 5’10” to 6’4” Gym Ball: 75cm
Height: 6’4” and over Gym Ball: 85cm
Maximum weight capacity: 250kg




  • Exercise Gym Ball can be easily incorporated into a wide range of exercises to develop your core, balance and posture
  • Designed to constantly engage your entire core as your muscles work overtime to help you maintain your balance
  • Durable anti-burst PVC material with anti-slip rings around its perimeter to stop it sliding around when you're exercising
  • Gym ball comes in 4 sizes with hand pump, measuring tape, stopper plug (including spare plug) and plug removal tool
  • Can also be used as a desk chair to improve your core stability, develop your posture and reduce stress on the spine
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Key Features

  • Use for a variety of exercises to develop core strength, balance, and posture
  • Engages your core as your muscles work to help you maintain your balance
  • Anti-burst PVC with anti-slip rings to prevent it sliding around during exercise
  • Can be used as a desk chair to improve your posture and reduce spinal stress
  • Comes in 4 sizes with pump, measuring tape, stopper plug, and removal tool
Excellent Core Workout
Strengthen your core and improve your posture with our anti-burst gym ball. Because the ball is big, round, and inflatable, it’s unstable to sit, lie or lean on. This constantly engages your core and sends your muscles into overdrive as they strive to help you maintain your balance.
Durable Anti-Burst PVC
The ball is made from extra-thick, anti-burst PVC which is abrasion-resistant and durable under pressure. If it gets punctured, it will slowly deflate rather than bursting with a bang. To reduce the risk of a puncture, we recommend using it in a large space which is free from obstacles.
Anti-Slip Design
We’ve also designed it with special anti-slip lines for peace of mind and a more confident workout. The lines are raised to give it a slightly textured feel and provide greater grip. If you’re using it on a smooth surface, they should stop it from slipping underneath your weight.
250kg Load Capacity
We sell 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm balls, all of which have a weight capacity of 250kg (a massive 39 stone). When choosing a ball, always check whether it’s the correct size for your height. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view our size guide and pick the perfect one.
Inflation Pump & Tape
We’ve included a hand pump and tape measure to easily inflate the ball to its correct capacity. For best results, always inflate it to around 80% of its recommended size and leave it for 24 hours before finishing inflation. A spare stopper plug and plug removal tool are also included.
No Harmful Compounds
Like all Core Balance products, we’ve fully tested the ball to ensure the lowest possible reading of toxic chemicals. All materials are free from phthalates, carcinogens, and short-chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs), so you can rest assured it’s perfectly safe for you to use.
Using for Exercise
Because you can sit, lie, and lean on the ball, you can use it increase the intensity of crunches, bridges, and a variety of other exercises. You can even sit on it whilst doing dumbbell exercises or use it as a prop to improve your body alignment whilst practising yoga and Pilates.
Using as a Desk Chair
Do you do a desk job? Do you finish the day feeling like a elephant's been tap-dancing on your back? Well, good news, because you can use a gym ball as an office chair and keep fit whilst you sit. Sitting on it fires up your core to improve your posture and ease lower back pain.
Using for Pregnancy
You can also use it as a birthing ball to alleviate lower back pain associated with pregnancy and prepare your body for delivery. The ball can also be used during pregnancy to ease pelvic pressure, as well as after pregnancy to strengthen your core and aid the recovery process.
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