Resistance Bands (11)

Looking to do some strength training but reluctant to use any weights? Our resistance bands are an excellent alternative because you can control how far you stretch them without pushing your muscles too far. This makes them perfect for rebuilding your strength and mobility after a joint or muscle injury. Pay a visit to your physio and you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll have a set of resistance bands.

As well as using them for deadlifts, push-ups, and other upper body exercises, they’re great for adding resistance to squats, mountain climbers and lower body exercises. Our large loop bands are ideal for assisted pull-ups and using with suspension equipment while our mini bands are a top choice for home workouts. We also stock resistance tubes which come with handles, ankle straps, and door anchors to take your workout to a whole new level.

All our sets come with different levels of resistance to target different muscles. The lighter bands are ideal for stretches, recovery training and lower body exercises while the heavier bands are a top choice for upper body exercises and bulking up. Viva la resistance!

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